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Collegiate Wallcoverings Shop offers a complete line of College Logo Wallpaper and College Logo Border Prints featuring your favorite Collegiate Team. Available in printed College Borders and coordinated College Wallpaper and matching striped College Wallpaper.

PLEASE NOTE: Team logos and graphics are updated from time to time. Due to the terms of licensing contracts, we must sell the most current logo. That means you may receive something that is slightly different from what is shown on the web site.

College Team Logo Border usually ships within 4 business days

New...24" college logo coordinating wall appliques now here or see below.

  Alabama Crimson Tide                      Product here

  Click On Image
Alabama Crimson Tide College Border RB_ALAB Price $16.99 per spool
Alabama Crimson Tide Peel & Stick College Border PS_ALAB Price $19.99 per spool
Alabama Crimson Tide College Wallpaper RW_ALAB Price $42.90 (Double Roll)
Black Stripe College Wallpaper RS_BLK Price $40.90 (Double Roll)
Burgundy Striped College Wallpaper RS_BUR Price $40.90 (Double Roll)
  Arkansas Razorbacks                      Product here 

  Click On Image
Arkansas Razorbacks College Border RB_ARK Price $16.99 
Arkansas Razorbacks Peel & Stick College Border PS_ARK Price $19.99 per spool
Arkansas Razorbacks College Wallpaper RW_ARK Price $42.90 (Double Roll)
Black Stripe College Wallpaper RS_BLK Price $40.90 (Double Roll)
Red Stripe College Wallpaper RS_PRED Price $40.90 (Double Roll)
  Arizona State Sun Devils                      Product here

  Click On Image
Arizona State Sun Devils College Border RB_ASU     Price $16.99 
Arizona State Sun Devils Peel & Stick College Border PS_ASU Price $19.99 per spool
Nazdar Yellow Stripe College Wallpaper RS_NYEL Price $40.90  (Double Roll)
Maroon Stripe College Wallpaper RS_MAR Price $40.90  (Double Roll)
  Auburn Tigers                      Product here

  Click On Image
Auburn Tigers College Border RB_AUB     Price $16.99 
Auburn Tigers Peel & Stick College Border PS_AUB   Price $19.99 per spool
Auburn Tigers College Wallpaper   RW_AUB Price $42.90 (Double Roll)
Blossom Blue Stripe College Wallpaper RS_BBLU Price $40.90  (Double Roll)
Wall Art Wallmarx by Trademarx 2' x 2' team logo
2 by 2 foot self-adhesive and repositionable team logo
2 by 2 foot (24" x 24") applique
Price: $29.99

One large applique and two smaller versions included
Wallmarx are the officially licensed logo of your favorite team or school. They are printed in a 2 by 2 foot format and are self-adhesive (See hanging instructions). They are easy to install on smooth interior painted walls and will help show your passion for your favorite team or school. Wallmarx are specifically designed to coordinate with Trademarx borders and wallpapers so you can mix and match them to display your spirit proudly.
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